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The moschops is a synapsid measuring in the 2-3 meter. This herbivore of the family dinocephalia, a heavy and thick head that was to be used as ram when two cse fighting to capture a female or to become the leader of the herd. Moschops was a herbivore feeding on nutrient-poor and tough vegetation, like cycad stems.


Due to the presumably nutrient-poor food, it very likely had to feed for a very long time. Its anatomy allowed Moschops to open its elbow joint more widely, enabling it to move in a more mammal-like way than the other crawlers in its time. That might have helped it to carry its massive body more easily while feeding. Very likely, most dinocephalians were rather slow-moving animals, but capable of raising themselves, for short bursts. This synapsid to make an appearance in "The Miracle Planet" in the company of procynosuchus.