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Drepanaspis in "Animals Armageddon"

Drepanaspis is an extinct genus of primitive jawless fish from Early Devonian marine strata of Europe. Drepanaspis is the best known and most thoroughly studied species, as it is known from several articulated specimens.

It was a flattened creature with a heavily armored body, superficially ray-like in appearance. Its mouth faced upwards which had downward-facing mouths. Drepanaspis also had small, widely spaced eyes. It is presumed to have forged the ocean floor for food.

This frying-shaped shaped fish may have been the ancestor of the giant, meter-long, meter-wide of the Devonian late.

This fish made a brief appearance in "Animals Armageddon" (episode 2: Hell on Earth) and is mistakenly confused by Bothriolepis.