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Ctenosauriscus(Ten-oh-sore-is-cus) is a rauisuchian and a member of the Sonic Group.


The C in this animal is silent.

This large predator, a close relative of Effigia, is the largest of its time. This predator looks at dimetrodon because of its dorsal sail but this sail longer plays a role of intimidation to frighten his rivals and impress females. Their mating season, Ctenosauriscus leaves his territory for to go migrate to the territory of the female, generally taking the coastal paths such as beaches and lagoons.

The Ctenosauriscus was the unnamed reptile in the French documentary " Sur les traces des premiers saurien" in which he crossed the road Ticinosuchus, who was in full hunting Macrocnemus but, through its large size and its sail, he avoided the fight for continued his journey.

He was related to Arizonasaurus.