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The real Coelurosauravus from french documentary "Les mondes perdus"

Coelurosauravus is a small gliding reptile from the Permian.  They ate mostly insects.  They lived in trees and used them to glide from tree to tree like modern day flying squirrel and suguar gliders.


Coelurosauravus is a genus of basal diapsidreptile, with specialized wing-like structures allowing it to glide.

It lived during the Upper Permian period. His body was long and flat, suitable for gliding and It was specialized wing-like structures allowing it to glide.

These were rod like structures with skin stretched over them. These bony rods are not extensions of the ribs but are newly evolved dermal bones, a feature which is unique to the genus.

Coelurosauravus features strongly in the science fiction show Primeval.