Chasmosaurus 1
Chasmosaurus is a member of the Ceratopcean family.  It had three medium size horns on its face and many set of horns on the side of its crest.  Chasmosaurus lived in large herds like Triceratops, unlike Triceratops Chasmosaurus has a flaten peak on its crest.  On there own they can scare away a single preditor but when they are in a heard it is able to handle large heards of Preditors by forming a circle where the young Chasmosaurus are protected.  Chasmosaurus lived in Alberta, Canada during the Late Cretaceous.  Baby Chasmosaurus looked different from the adults they weighted 100 kg, length of 1.5 meters, the frill was smaller than the adults.  They had small nubs for horns compared to the adults. There bones where fused together compared to a fully grown Chasmosaurus.
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