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Battahime Battahime 9 April 2016

Please let me be of use in correcting some typos!

Looking for info about Citipati and other bird-like dinos,I noticed some typos in an article and could edit it.

Now I see myself forced to create an account to be more helpful,so the articles look more professional.

I cannot take badly spelled stuff seriously.As I am only a corrector of the esthetic kind I cannot guarantee anything about the quality of the info itself.

I leave that to the experts.

After all there are more people who can spell than there are real experts in any field.....

I just love anything with scales and I hope to be of use.

Looking forward to scrumptious articles!

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Orion001 Orion001 9 February 2013


Campanian is the second last age of the dinosaurs, it lasted from 83 million years ago to 74 million years ago.  It was a time for the pterasaur Pteranodon, dinosaurs such as Velociraptor and Protoceratops.  Compared to the Maastrichtian, the Western Interior Sea is slowly changing and much of the life has been a round for 9 million years.  The species of Tyrannosaurus has been getting bigger and Sauropods are becoming more uncommon.

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Orion001 Orion001 10 October 2012


Maastruchtian is the last stage of the dinosaur era. Here the dinosaurs are slowly dieing out due to giant climatic changes. Most of the planet is still covered by large dinosaurs. Mammals, birds, insects and all sorts of animals that would survive was co-existing with the dinosaurs and other large creatures such as Pterasaurs and Marine Reptiles. This is a list of the animals that are existing at this moment.

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