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Here is the Chinese documentary "Back to the Permian" translated into English:

Permian sky, sunny. Lepidodendron, sealed wood, tree ferns and other tall towering ferns woodlands composed of stretching to coastal lagoon side.  

On the lake, giant dragonflies (Meganeuropsis) and giant reptile (Cotylorhynchus).

Under the lake, a group of sail newt tadpoles are hatched. Our hero sail salamander hatchlings (Plathyhystrix) in time, even only a dozen centimeters long Chinese cod it can pose a huge threat. It bent as quickly as possible, grow limbs grow back sails, went ashore to explore the wonderful living space.

But at every stage of its growth, had to face the test of a variety of predators:- a variety of fish in the water ashore ambushed salamander Dons (Diplocaulus), salamander swamp Long-Face (Eryops) and water salamander ZigZag (Prionosuchus) , rotary tooth shark (Helicoprion), but fortunately they have been trained at the time of amphibians considered outstanding land-based life skills and running ability.

Gonna get married when it also to other males and a fierce battle to capture the hearts and minds Outrageous.

Finally, the couple came to the water to lay eggs sail salamander, newt in order to protect the protagonist sail lovers, he was captured zigzag salamander, the scent to attract a group of hungry rotary tooth shark.

Rotary tooth shark snatch with serrated salamander a war, the results of wounded or dead, fled in panic. Zigzag salamander defend their territory. 

Sail salamander next to the skeleton, sail salamander eggs have been hatching a new round of vigorous life began.


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