Archelon closeup
Archelon is the largest known sea turtle in the world.  It is related to the modern day Leatherback sea turtle.  They come to the shores to lay their eggs at night.  They drag there body onto land, they lay a clutch of 100 eggs before barring it under ground, then return to the ocean.  There young will hatch alone and crawl the way to the ocean and avoid the predators.  Once under water Archelon eats jelly fish and squids.  Baby sea turtles live in the coast line and shallow water, where the adult sea turtles live in the deep ocean.  Archelon has very few preditors because by the time they grow to there huge size, no preditor alived at the time can not eat them.  But there babies have a disadvantage, they can be eaten by predators like Mosasaurs, Tylosaurus and sharks.