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Acrocanthosaurus 2.png

Acrocanthosaurus was the largest predator in North America during the mid cretaceous period.  It had razor sharp claws and massive arms.  It had a sail similar to Spinosaurus.  But unlike the Spinosaurus sail is descended to collect heat.  The sail on Acrocanthosaurus was more for show to other members of the species.  It hunted the largest dinosaurs that lived North America at the time Astrodon and Sauroposeidon.  It would hunt smaller dinosaurs such as Tenontosaurus and Deinonychus, but these smaller dinosaurs where swifter and more tricker to take down.  So instead this dinosaur would hunt large prey.  Acrocanthosaurus lived all across North America from Washington D.C to Dallas, Texas but bones of them have been found in other places.